David W. Schropfer has been the Chairman and CEO of the dynamic new digital identity company, Anchor ID, Inc. since January 2014. He has been an expert in the areas of Mobile Identity, Mobile Payments and Mobile Commerce for since 2009, and his unique insights on mobile commerce have been broadcast on NPR radio, CBC radio, Talk Radio One’s “The Stephen Spierer Show,” and MSNBC. His commentaries and research have been featured in American Banker Magazine, Fast Company, Capacity Magazine, NFC Times, Mobile Payments Today, and Payment Source Magazine.

As one of the few recognized experts in this emerging market, he is frequently invited to deliver keynote addresses and panel discussions around the world. Some recent events include:

Exper SpeakerVirginia Credit Union League Annual Meeting, Expert Speaker, Roanoke, Virginia,

  • Expert Speaker, Virginia Credit Union League Annual Meeting, 2017
  • Keynote Address, Apps World, 2014
  • Keynote Address, Mobile Payments and Value Added Services Summit, 2014
  • Expert Speaker, EuroFinance – The International, 2013
  • Expert Speaker, Mobey Forum Member Meeting, 2013
  • Expert Speaker, Money2020, 2013
  • Keynote Address, Wallet Wars Conference, 2013
  • Expert Speaker, Virginia Credit Union League Annual Meeting, 2013
  • Keynote Address, Mobile Payments Conference, 2013
  • Expert Panelist, Pacific Telecom Conference (PTC), 2013
  • Keynote Address, PCS Users Meeting, 2012
  • Expert Speaker and Session Host, Money 2020, 2012
  • Expert Speaker, VeriFone Conference, 2012
  • Keynote Address, Mobile Payments Conference, Fall 2012
  • Expert Panelist, JNK Conference, 2012
  • Keynote Address, Mobile Transaction and Commerce Summit, 2012
  • Keynote Address and Expert Panelist, NFC Payments Europe, 2012
  • Expert Speaker, EuroFinance International Cash and Treasury Management, 2012
  • Keynote Address, The Financial Services Roundtable, 2012
  • Keynote Address, Social Mobile Payments, 2012
  • Keynote Address, The Mobile Payment Conference, Spring 2012
  • Keynote Address, Emerging Payments Conference, 2011
  • Keynote Address, The Mobile Payment Conference, Fall, 2011

David published a book on managing digital threats for consumers, “Digital Habits” in August, 2016. Previously, he published industry standards like “The Smartphone Wallet- Understanding the Disruption Ahead,” “Google Wallet and the New Retail Ecosystem,” “Google Wallet 2.0,” and “Top 20 Public Companies in the Mobile Wallet Industry” which were used for years by the media and business people alike to decipher the rapidly developing ecosystem of mobile commerce.  Click here for all of his books.

Since graduating from Boston College, David earned an Executive MBA from the University of Miami. He has served on the Boards of Directors for several private companies and a national non-profit organization. He lives in New York with his wife and family.  To contact David, click here.