Want to keep hackers out of your computer? The DIY Cyber Guy, David W. Schropfer, interviews with the world’s leading cyber security experts to give you easy to understand tips, tactics and tools to protect your invaluable data, and your irreplaceable reputation online.

Hackers target you.  Yes, you!  That’s because hackers program computers to systematically and indiscriminately scan the internet looking for vulnerable computers.

The question is: will they find the vulnerabilities in YOUR computer?  Or your smartphone?

Ok – you are sold.  Hackers…bad.  Got it.  So here is the part where you ask what you can just buy to protect yourself. The answer is…

Cybersecurity is not something you buy; it is something you do.

-Dr. Dale Meyerrose

Now, it may seem like you suddenly find yourself on the front line of a battle with no weapon.  But you are not alone.  Right now, you can pick up a book or listen to a blog that will get you moving in the right direction.

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