Secrets From A Hacker – How NOT To Get Hacked

This week, I had the privilege of interviewing a real hacker about how hackers hack. Their tools, tactics, and tricks – and we will tell you exactly how to protect yourself and your family. Our guest is Moe Sani, who has been an “ethical Hacker” for over 14 years. He began hacking at age 15, and has worked as a Read More

Why You Should NOT Buy A New Computer This Week

This is still a terrible time to buy a new computer! Why? Uncertainty aroundimg_4479 Intel’s latest Spectre fix, plus a series of back-doors were just discovered in AMD chips. Wait to buy a computer, if you can – this episode explains why. Also, Microsoft is back-peddling on its March 13, 2018 update because it may cause your compute to crash – among other reasons. HP Printers are still being used to penetrate your network, and we will tell you how to make sure you are not at risk. And, believe it or not, Read More

The Biggest Internet Attack In History Is Not Over (Yet)

This week on DIY Cyber Guy:img_4479

  • Massive attack briefly shut down several popular sites, I’ll tell you what happened and why you need a little patience this week. Bottom line -News of the death of Internet is premature!
  • Update on Intel, and why I am still recommending that you avoid buying computers with certain intel chips inside. But that could change soon
  • Microsoft will facilitate Intel Code Update! Great news – easier for Windows users – BUT BACKUP!!
  • Flash is declining faster than we expected! Great news!

My guest is Charles Givre; here is his bio Read More

Is Bitcoin Dead? The Small, Cold Truth.

Bitcoin. Crypto currencies. You probably know computers are involved with this stuff, and computers use electricity. Did you know that the computing power needed to process a Bitcoin transaction may get so large that the electricity cost could outpace any revenue? Actually, that has already happened in some parts of the world where electricity is not available at low prices. Read More

Avoiding Facebook Spyware, and Quality Security Tools

Do you use Facebook? This episode is ‘must listen’ for you! Facebook has a new LISTEN-NOW-DIY-CYBERGUY‘Protection’ product that is the opposite of protection, or at least the opposite of privacy.  Actually, it meets the definition of spyware. Read More

What NOT to Buy! Tech Products You Must Avoid

We have a great show today, mostly about what NOT to do! There are several LISTEN-NOW-DIY-CYBERGUYmanufacturers and providers, and HUNDREDS of products, that you need to avoid, including some big names Read More

Losing Your Tax Refund and Other Fun Tales From The Equifax Breach

The Equifax hack was historically bad, with the data of over 145 Million people exposed, which is now for sale on the Dark Web. Now, that data is being used to file fraudulent tax returns, which lets the bad guy get your tax refund. Read More