#62 – Ransomware Hits The Brakes At Ferrari – Protect Your Network Now

Hackers speed off with Ferrari data in a #ransomware attack. See how to stop an attack before it happens, with Greg Edwards, CEO @Canauri

#61 – How to Make Sure that Your IT Provider Is Not A Ransomware Target

If you use a managed service provider (#MSP), or any ‘as-a-Service” provider, learn how to hold these businesses accountable for keeping your services, and your data, secure from hackers. With Yaniv Bar-Dayan, CEO of @vulcancyber

#60 – How Lessons Learned by Large Companies Can Help You Keep Your Cloud Data Secure

If you store data online with AWS, Azure, or any online service – check out our latest episode: How Lessons Learned by Large Companies Can Help YOU Keep Your Cloud Data SecureWith @danbenjamin, CEO and Founder of Dig Security

Cybersecurity Expert Jonathan Roizin on DIY Cyber Guy

Hackers are using the recent Twitter breach, combined with the other 4,100 data breaches in 2022, to┬ásteal identities. Learn about new systems like #DSPM to mitigate your company’s sprawling data. With Flow Security CEO, Jonathan Roizin.