Episode 3 – WannaCry Ransomware

WHO is effected?: Windows Users!

The ransomware (not new) with an elegant new delivery system (brand new)

  1. Ranasomware: WannaCry
    1. Encrypts files (yes really)
    2. digital extortion
    3. Ask you to pay $300 in bitcoin (Goes up to $600)
  2. How it propagates (Delivery into Windows
    1. EternalBlue – Controlled by NSA
    2. ShadowBrokers Leaked Eternal Blue (among others)
    3. https://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/04/14/latest_shadow_brokers_data_dump/
  3. #’s
    1. 300,000 computers
    2. 150 countries
    3. “Thousands of operations and appointments had to be canceled…” because Britain’s National Health Service was hit. Source
    4. WORST OF ALL: Attackers made only about $50,000 SOURCE  Not a guess – Bitcoin Tx are public!
  4. Was it Shut Down?
    1. Yes:
      1. “Kill Switch” in Code; “If (WEBSITE) responds then stop attack”  Probably just a check to see if the computer was actually connected to the internet.
      2. A researcher ( Marcus Hutchins, a 22 year-old who blogs under https://www.malwaretech.com simply registered the website, and the attack was over. Right?
    2. No:
      1. Already infected? No change
      2. DDOS
      3. Variants appeared
    3. What to do
      1. Reactivly:
        1. Run all updates to MS Windows (even Windows XP)
          1. After 12 years, support for Windows XP ended April 8, 2014
          2. BUT, Windows patched the ‘EternalBlue’ vulnerability in March of 2017
        2. Multiple reports of people paying ransom and *not* recovering their files
      2. Proactivly: Make Backups!!!  Back up an “image” of your computer if possible
  5. One more thing…(Weak stomach, skip this bit)
    1. I mentioned earlier:  “Thousands of operations and appointments had to be canceled…” because Britain’s National Health Service was hit. Source
    2. Britan has a fleet of 4 nuclear submarines, each with MULTIPLE nuclear warheads
    3. Also said: Widow’s XP’s like was 2002 to 2014, and Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP on April 8, 2014
    4. Ready?
    5. Britain’s nuclear fleet runs on the Windows OS (Windows XP) that caused havoc with Britan’s National Health Service!!! Source
    6. It is actually slightly different – It’s called “Windows XP for Submarines”  which we actually don’t know if it is a joke, or an actual thing.
    7. Air Gap = Good
    8. New Fleet = Good (but not until 2030)



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