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Episode Title: #24 – Advising Russia and China on Blockchain

George Goognin is a Board Member of the Mile Unity Foundation, a global public benefit organization educating governments and enterprises on how to apply blockchain technologies for the real economy. George launched his first federal scale online-startup in 2008. He has 8 years of experience at large fintech corporations and e-commerce companies, where he focused on automation. George is the co-founder of Karma, a cross-border p2p loans ecosystem, which raised 10 million USD in 2017. He is also vice chairman of the Russian Parliament Blockchain Experts Chamber. In addition, George is a consultant for several governments on blockchain technologies legislation.

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David W. Schropfer

David W. Schropfer is the CEO of AnchorID, Incorporated, a cybersecurity company in New York (  Every day, he and his team of professionals keep the people who use AnchorID safe from some of the most common traps, hacks and attacks that target computer systems of all sizes. David’s previous books, including The Smartphone Wallet and three industry whitepapers, predicted some of the biggest trends in the payments, mobile, and security industries.  Since graduating Boston College, David earned an Executive MBA from the University of Miami.

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