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Episode Title: 28 – The Common Sense Media of Digital Literacy, with David Ryan Polgar

David Ryan Polgar is a pioneering tech ethicist who paved the way for the hotly-debated issues around Facebook, AI ethics, unintended consequences, digital wellbeing, and what it means to be human in the digital age. He has appeared on CBS This Morning, BBC, Fast Company, SiriusXM, Associated Press, Washington Post’s “Can He Do That?” podcast, and many others.

David is the founder of All Tech Is Human, which is committed to being the hub for “thoughtful tech” and will convene four events in 2019. With a background as an attorney and educator, he is an advocate for co-creating a more thoughtful future towards technology. David is the co-host of the podcast & NYC live show Funny as Tech, where he is paired with UCB comedian Joe Leonardo to tackle the thorniest issues in tech–inside a comedy theater. He is a frequent writer and global speaker (3-time TEDx, Harvard Business School, Princeton University, The School of The New York Times, The Next Web).

David recently released a digital citizenship class for adults (Skillshare) and a tech ethics hub for college students (Cengage). He is an advisor for Hack Mental Health, the Technology and Adolescent Mental Wellness (TAM) program, and #ICANHELP, and is committed to bringing together organizations, advocates, students, academia, government, and industry to better collaborate on the major societal issues emerging tech has presented. He is community-focused and excited by uniting diverse backgrounds to find solutions with difficult tech issues.

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