Spectre and Gwyneth Paltrow

LISTEN-NOW-DIY-CYBERGUYUnderstanding the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities is complicated, so we use an old Gwyneth Paltrow movie to help explain why this is happening. Read More

New Tinder Hack, A Crypto Heist, And Bitcoin ‘Creep’ – February 1, 2018

There is a  new Tinder hack! Tinder is potentially leaking lots of information about you; listen to find out more. The biggest cryptocurrency hack ever (no, it’s not Bitcoin). YouTube gets an ad “bug.” And Spectre won’t go away. We have a guest, Ben Rothke, with lots of great tips, and we answer a few listener questions, too.

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Attack of the Internet of ‘Thingys’ – January 25, 2018

This show is not about what you want to hear – it is about telling you what you need to know Read More

Two Admins Walk Through a Back Door… January 18, 2018

LISTEN-NOW-DIY-CYBERGUYWe have another great show today that starts with two large tech companies which set all of up a line of products with a default username of “admin” and a default password that is also “admin.” And, you may be surprised to learn that you own one of these items – and have to fix it! Read More

Melting Down Your Computer – January 11, 2018


We have a great show today filled with simple things you can do to avoid the major hacks and attacks happening on the internet right now. No computer science degree necessary – just do it yourself!

Our guest is Shahid Buttar of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, speaking about net neutrality and privacy issues.

Also, we answer questions from our listeners. Plus, we have a packed list of news items, including: Read More

What to do NOW to Avoid Massive Ransomware Attack

The biggest, most invasive, ransomware outbreak in history is underway.  It’s called WannaCry, and it has infected computers in at least 74 countries, primarily in Russia.  The Securelist cyber security website reported that there have been more than 45,000 attacks worldwide, but added, “It’s important to note that our visibility may be limited and incomplete and the range of targets and victims is likely much, much higher.”

And what does WannaCry do?   Read More

Security Flaw Found in Visa (But Not MasterCard)

A security vulnerability has been found in Visa Cards which does not exist in MasterCard. Basically, it involves the number of times you can try to process a transaction with an incorrect expiration date (or CVV).  Visa allows multiple attempts to process a transaction, and Mastercard allows only 10 attempts before the transaction is blocked not.

Why does this matter?  Because if a computer can make an unlimited number of attempts, then it can try different numbers until it guesses the correct number.  In  this case, criminal that illegally purchased a 16-digit credit card number can (literally) guess different month/year combinations until they find correct information.  On average, there are roughly 60 likely month/year combinations that are available for a valid Visa card at any given time.  Read More