#29 – iPhone Users May NOT Want to Upgrade to iOS 13

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iPhone Users, specifically if you use the ‘Reminder’s app

Hair of fire 0 of 5 (or maybe -5 out of 5?)

Security issues have been widely reported. DIY Cyber Guy is reporting a new issue.

ISSUE: If you share reminders and to-do lists in iPhone, EVERYONE you share with must upgrade to iOS13 at the same time.  Otherwise, anyone who does not upgrade will actually lose their lint until the DO upgrade.

FIX: fairly simple: make sure that you coordinate the time and date that you upgrade to iOS 13 with other users who share Reminders with you.

SECOND ISSUE:  If you sync your Reminders between your iPhone and your Macbook, then your macbook will *not* be able to access your reminders until you upgrade to the new macbook operating system called catalina.

Fix – Wait for Catalina.  When will that be? According to apple: “October.”  Not very specific.WHat we hav eheard suggests the first or second week of October, but we don’t know for sure


If you want to know more about the security issues, there is a location privacy issue,  a third party keyboard security issue and a a security problem that could potentially allow an attacker to bypass lock screen protection.  But we expect these to be updated quickly, maybe as little as a week or two.  Again, these issues have been widely reported, and you should DEFINITELY not update to iOS 13 until version an updated version comes out with fixes to these problems.

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