#34 – Like Problem Solving? Try a Little Coding

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SUMMARY: If you are listening to this podcast, you are probably spending more time in front of a computer than normal, due to the pandemic.  Or, maybe you are thinking about a new career that will require that you learn new skills.  Or maybe you just want to make your job a little easier by automating some of the boring, manual processes you do everyday.

Here with me to talk about this today is: Charles Givre.

Charles is a data scientist that has worked in cybersecurity for over 10 years; he wrote a book on the topic for O’Rielly publishing and he is a prolific speaker on cybersecurity and data engineering.

What is an easy way for a person to see if they may enjoy coding, or may have the aptitude for a new career in software development?

Try this book: www.automatetheboringstuff.com

Why Python?  It looks like English – really!

Also, python had modules available.

Need a mentor?  Contact Charles directly at: cgivre@apache.org

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David W. Schropfer

David W. Schropfer is the CEO of SAFE (Smartphone Authentication For Everyone), a cybersecurity company in New York (www.theSafe.io).  Every day, he and his team of professionals keep the people who use The SAFE Button protected from some of the most common traps, hacks and attacks that target computer systems of all sizes. David is the author of the bestselling cybersecurity book, Digital Habits: 5 Simple Tips to Help Keep You and Your Information Safe Online. His previous books, including The Smartphone Wallet and industry whitepapers, predicted some of the biggest trends in the payments, mobile, and security industries.  Since graduating Boston College, David earned an Executive MBA from the University of Miami.

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