#35 – Do You Have Surveillance Malware On Your Smartphone?

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SUMMARY: Surveillance is a general term. We are all used to traffic cameras, ATM cameras, and the ability of law enforcement to get information about where you are and what you are doing if they can get a warrant.  Surveillance on your mobile phone is also happening, although a little less obvious.  Over time, you give permission to certain apps to ‘share your location’ which means they know where you are (recommend turning this ‘off,’ link in show notes at DIYcyberguy.com).

Turn off location tracking:

What about surveillance on your smartphone *without* your permission? People know not only where you are, but everything you are doing on your phone.  The good news is that you can find this intrusion if you know where to look:

Here with me to talk about this today is: Christoph Hebeisen.

Christoph leads the Security Intelligence Research division at Lookout, and he holds a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Toronto.

What is the difference between spyware and surveillance-ware?

How do people in the US and Canada know if there is unauthorized surveillance-ware on their phone?

  • Hard to know without antivirus app on phone
  • Apple app store
  • Permissions app requests

Is this unique to Android phones, or does it affect iOS/iPhones also?

Find our more about Christoph here:

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