#38 – Easily Secure Your Data Like the Professionals

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EFFECTED USERS: Everyone with data to protect

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SUMMARY: Whoever you are, whatever your job is, you are using a computer, and the computer has data. This data could be client data, research that you have assembled, work product that you have created, personally identifiable information like addresses and phone numbers, or even personal family photos.

Regardless, you want to keep this data safe and secure, but that has proven difficult and complex for people outside the cybersecurity industry.

Maybe there is another way – a new way to think about data security.

In a recent article in SC Magazine, author Anne Marie Zettlemoyer writes:

Well-intentioned companies will eventually embark on efforts to “clean up” their data starting with the applications and what they access. This usually takes a herculean effort, but as new applications are developed or acquired, and established ones grow in features and scope, the [data] hygiene degrades over time.
What if we started with a different approach? Instead of looking at the application, what if we looked at the data stores themselves? Instead of trying to define rules and entitlements around the connector, why not focus on the treasure and build defenses and hygiene around that first? 

Source: Why does this have to be so hard? The tradeoff between speed and security, September 16, 2020, Anne Marie Zettlemoyer

Here with me to talk about this today is Mohit Tiwari.

Mohit is the CEO and co-founder of Symmetry Systems. He was actually a cybersecurity professor at University of Texas where he worked on (among other things) high-assurance systems which he is transitioning to production through Symmetry Systems.

Welcome Mohit!

What is the trick to data security for a small/medium size business or home user?

Need a professional to set up cloud services and data repositories.

What questions should you ask your provider before you hire?

  • maximum data loss?
  • how much data is not backed up?
  • what are your software services, and can the vendor work with all of those apps?
  • DIY: set up virtual cloud


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