#54 – Developing a Digital Vision in Education


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SUMMARY: Preparing students for success in a digital world requires educators, administrators and parents to, directly and indirectly, educate students.

In this episode, we explore:

  • Lesson learned in digital education
  • Supporting Technology
  • Opportunities
  • Risk


Educators can be resistant to change – mitigated by the right support and professional devlopment.

Accessibility can improve with digitial ed.
Evidence-based results
Covid a catalyst to digital ed.

  • recordings of classes are good
  • gamification brought more students forward
    need to teach digital schools
  • equipping students for the world
  • digital dis
  • educating students with direct and indirect
  • educate parents
  • fear
     – data protection
    The more we use digital tools, the more prepared a student is for the workplace
    Tech is not just about teaching. The universe of education is much bigger.
    Here with me talk about this is Al Kingsley.  Al is based in the UK, and is CEO of the EdTech company called NetSupport, Chair of a Multi-Academy Trust, Regional School Boards, and author of My Secret EdTech Diary.
    His Twitter handle is: @alkingsley_edu
    His Blog is www.AlKingsley.com
    His company’s US webpage is: www.Netsupport-inc.com
    In the UK it’s www.netsupportsoftware.com


That’s all the time we have!

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