Five Reasons iPhone-5 Excludes NFC

Based on Apple’s press conference on September 12, their strategy can be described as: change customer behavior now, encourage an upgrade later. The Apple wallet going to be called, imaginatively, “Apple Wallet.” It works without an NFC chip, relying instead on geolocation to determine if an iPhone user is in the proximity of a compatible … Continue reading Five Reasons iPhone-5 Excludes NFC

Tribute to Steve Jobs 1955-2011

Update to previous post:Steve Jobs passed away Wednesday October 5, 2011.  Farewell, and thank you. Here is the original post from August 24: Steve Jobs, legendary of Apple Incorporated, resigned today as CEO. The Board of Directors of Apple named him chairman, then named Tim Cook as the new CEO according to an article that … Continue reading Tribute to Steve Jobs 1955-2011

The SmartPhone Wallet is Now Available

A torrent of advertising and promotional marketing is heading your way to try to get you to use new services on your SmartPhone at retail stores.  Perhaps you have already seen some, or signed up for some. At stake is the future of the credit card system that moves over $11 Trillion per year from … Continue reading The SmartPhone Wallet is Now Available

Mobile Payments and the Third World

“…what’s past is prologue.” – William Shakespeare, and to a lesser extent, Visa Mobile In the Emerging Markets section of the Visa Mobile page, Visa states,  Nowhere is (the power of mobile payments) more apparent than in developing economies where mobile penetration outpaces bank card availability. Using existing mobile devices to access and transfer funds, … Continue reading Mobile Payments and the Third World