How To Check if Your Android Is Infected With New Google Malware “Gooligan”

If you use an Android smartphone, you may have a new strain of malware that was discovered today by Checkpoint Security. It’s called “Gooligan” and it has infected approximately 1 Million phones, which is a relatively small number compared to some recent exploits like the 500 Million Yahoo accounts that recently breached.

But, Gooligan is significant because it has the ability to root Android devices, and according to Checkpoint, this new malware can steal:

…email addresses and authentication tokens stored on them. With this information, attackers can access users’ sensitive data from Gmail, Google Photos, Google Docs, Google Play, Google Drive, and G Suite.

So, if you use any Android smartphone, you can use Checkpoints “Gooligan Checker” to see if your smartphone is infected.


If you are not infected, make sure you don’t accidentally download this malware by downloading your Android apps *only* from Google Play.  Also, avoid phishing attacks by never clicking a link that you sis not request.  The book Digital Habits, contains more tips on how to avoid phishing attacks.

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