“Cyberschizophrenia” in the US Government

In the last few days, the US Government both mandated and rejected the same method of cybersecurity. It’s called Second Factor Authentication, specifically a One Time Passcode (OTP) sent by Short Message Service (SMS). So, together, its a “SMS OTP,” which is basically what happens when you receive a 4 to 6-digit security code to … Continue reading “Cyberschizophrenia” in the US Government

Contactless EMV – What is the Value to Retailers?

Retailers often ask, “What new POS equipment should I buy?” My answer has been the same for almost 4 years: “Nothing, yet.” My logic is this: The upcoming liability shift occurs in October 2015 for merchants that have not deployed EMV. So, any retailer that wants to accept Visa, MasterCard and/or Discover after October 2015 … Continue reading Contactless EMV – What is the Value to Retailers?

Mobile Payments and the Third World

“…what’s past is prologue.” – William Shakespeare, and to a lesser extent, Visa Mobile In the Emerging Markets section of the Visa Mobile page, Visa states,  Nowhere is (the power of mobile payments) more apparent than in developing economies where mobile penetration outpaces bank card availability. Using existing mobile devices to access and transfer funds, … Continue reading Mobile Payments and the Third World