#26 – How Small Companies Prevent Cyber Attacks, with Dr. Dale Meyerrose


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Can you imagine having to tell your customers that the product they bought from you is gone? Their account is gone? Their data is gone? Would your business survive? Exactly that happened to a a company called VFEmail this week. How can you make sure your small business – or your home – is doing the basics to prevent critical loss? Our guest is cybersecurity expert Dr. Dale Meyerrose, President of the The MeyerRose Group

Recently, a company called VFEmail got hacked as reported by the Latest Hacking News. Badly. Here is part of what VFE had to tell its customers:

If you didn’t use nl101.vfemail.net, then your mailbox is gone. Send yourself an email to re-create it. 


Decoded, that means, “Unless you kept your software up to date, then the product you bought form us is gone. All of the content is gone. Any backups or storage of any content is gone.”

Can you imagine having to tell that to your customers? Would your business survive? What if you just had to tell that to your family – “all of our products were wiped clean; we have to start over.” That could be devastating when you think about pictures and videos of your kids growing up.

Here to talk about this today is Dr. Dale Meyerrose – Great to have you on the show again Dr Meyerrose!

Dr. Dale Meyerrose, Retired Air Force Major General. He is the first President-appointed, U.S. Senate-confirmed Chief Information Officer of the U.S. Intelligence Community. Today he is the President of the The MeyerRose Group

Dr. Meyerrose suggests going to one of these sites (Do NOT use Google) to find a local cybersecurity consultant.

Search for “Repair, Upgrade or Troubleshoot Computers”

Here are three products that Dr. Meyerrose mentioned:


Great product, and you can pick up the phone and talk to someone.



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