Five Reasons iPhone-5 Excludes NFC

Based on Apple’s press conference on September 12, their strategy can be described as: change customer behavior now, encourage an upgrade later. The Apple wallet going to be called, imaginatively, “Apple Wallet.” It works without an NFC chip, relying instead on geolocation to determine if an iPhone user is in the proximity of a compatible … Continue reading Five Reasons iPhone-5 Excludes NFC

New Mobile Commerce Industry Outlook Presented at PrePaid Press Expo in Las Vegas

A detailed forecast and quantitative analysis of the emerging Mobile Commerce industry was presented and discussed at the Pre Paid Press Expo in the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas, and the results were remarkable. Mobile payments and mobile commerce have become different products, applicable to different markets. One of the key differences is the use … Continue reading New Mobile Commerce Industry Outlook Presented at PrePaid Press Expo in Las Vegas

According to Carriers: “NFC…Just About to Explode.”

Yesterday, Andrew Johnson  of American Banker magazine (and PaymentSource) interviewed ISIS head of marketing Jaymee Johnson (no relation).   In the article published today, Johnson said: “The handset pipeline around NFC is basically just about to explode,” Jaymee Johnson, ISIS head of marketing, said in a June 22 interview. “That will change pretty dramatically … by the early … Continue reading According to Carriers: “NFC…Just About to Explode.”

Will Retailers Use “Tender Steering” to Control Interchange Fees?

A process called “tender steering” is new to most retailers.  It means that a retailer can provide incentives to customers to use a particular type of card to pay.  This method could give retailers the power to drive interchange rates down by driving customers to some types of cards and away from others. You might … Continue reading Will Retailers Use “Tender Steering” to Control Interchange Fees?

Combining Payments and Loyalty Programs

The first pictures of the Isis mobile wallet are probably many months away from being released to the public. No, the image on the left is neither from Isis nor endorsed by Isis, but it has merit based on recent public statements from the company. Last week, two executives on the Isis management team discussed … Continue reading Combining Payments and Loyalty Programs

Starbucks Mobile Payments

Starting today, my wallet will forever stay in my pocket at Starbucks.  That doesn’t mean I’m going to stop buying Starbucks coffee; it means that I can finally feed my caffeine addiction using only my SmartPhone. When Starbucks Coffee announced yesterday that over 6,800 of its locations would accept mobile payments, there was a significant … Continue reading Starbucks Mobile Payments